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When Shawn Mendes unveiled his new single last week, he encouraged fans to download the track onlinebut also offered up the song on a format his young fans might not have been as familiar with: a cassette tape. While cassettes were a staple of the 80s and 90s, they eventually gave way to CDs, which have now seemingly given way to streaming. But the novelty of a cassette tape remains, and everyone from Mendes to sites like Urban Outfitters are banking on nostalgia for a wave of cassette-related merch.

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Before portable speakers, before the ipod, before the Walkman and MP3 players there was the boombox. Cities began banning boomboxes from public places, and they became less acceptable on city streets as time progressed, but the boombox was instrumental in the rise of hip hop music. Frequently used in music battles, the rise of the boombox brought music to the streets and to the kids, giving the opportunity to many rising artists to prove their musical and rapping ability to their peers.

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Model ST in working condition all enquiries welcome. Sanyo boombox MF made in Japan. No offer please.

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In his The Boombox Project: The Machines, the Music, and the Urban UndergroundCanadian photographer and author Lyle Owerko calls the once-ubiquitous boombox a "sonic campfire" and "the eighties equivalent of Spotify -- a conduit through which music was shared. It's hard to imagine any contemporary, Spotify-equipped device as analogous to a campfire, sonic or otherwise. But the Spotify comparison does speak to the boombox's small-scale social media-like power, decades before the term "social media" was even coined.

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Here is a roundup of collectible boomboxes, currently being auctioned on ebay. Because of this, these devices now look obviously obsolete and different and are starting to become collectors items. Ugly, but interesting, and representative of their time, some are perfect examples of pointless feature driven design, something which still plagues software.

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They are louder, stronger, cooler and more compact. If the knobs make a scratchy sound when adjusting them, you may need to clean them using compressed air and contact cleaner. You can buy them at electronics stores.

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Skip to main content. Vintage Boombox. In Stock. Excellent sound quality.

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It's been more than a few decades since the mighty boombox first appeared on the music scene, threatening to chew up the world's entire supply of D-size batteries one epic Run-D. But the boombox is back, baby. And it's been refined and enhanced for the digital age.

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New Zealander Craig Kenton admits he has a little bit of a problem. He never stopped. At least are in working order, maintained and repaired by Kenton himself.


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