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Some photos and videos of Trump make it look like he doesn't have the best posture in the world, but there are many posture problems that are just as likely to make one's butt tuck in as opposed to pop out.

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That, I'm sure you'll agree, is a fairly thicc booty, which is not something I see on a man often.

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Description: Is this purely a social construction, or are large butts on men truly more rare than they are on women? We appreciate a man's butt when it is firm or sculpted, but rarely do we see or celebrate a man's butt for being big.


  1. Don't like that many tattoos on a woman but she's ridiculously hot I'll look past it for her,

  2. The dude's face at 23:05 is fucking brilliant!

  3. This shit we get in 1080P, but John Wick 1 & 2 are about 1.5 mega pixel off the first flip phone!!!!!!!! Oh well, enjoy the tits boys.