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In the United States, as many as 10 in young women suffer from an eating disorder. Disordered eating related to stress, poor nutritional habits, and food fads are relatively common problems for youth. In addition, two psychiatric eating disorders, anorexia nervosa and bulimia, are on the increase among teenage girls and young women and often run in families.

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What do I need to know about eating disorders? Most importantly, you should know that eating disorders require medical attention. The two best-known types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

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Skip to content. What is bulimia nervosa? Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder in which a person eats excessive amounts of food in a short period of time binge eatingwith a sense of lack of control over eating, and then engages in compensatory behaviors to prevent weight gain, such as vomiting, use of laxatives, diuretics, other medications, fasting or excessive exercise.

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While eating disorders as a group are complex, most begin with either accidental or purposeful weight loss that can lead to unhealthy measures to sustain the loss. Pre-adolescence and adolescence are particularly challenging years for those with eating disorders given emotional and physical changes, as well as academic, family and peer pressures. Many teenagers report that the onset of their eating disorder involved comments or teasing by peers, usually about appearance. Whether done in the context of an innocent family nickname or in a malicious bullying event, these instances of feeling shame, or being shamed, based on size or physical appearance are powerful contributors to a teenager developing an eating disorder.

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Bulimia nervosa BN is a serious psychiatric illness that typically develops during adolescence or young adulthood, rendering adolescents a target for early intervention. Despite the increasing research devoted to the treatment of youth with anorexia nervosa AN and adults with BN, there remains a dearth of evidence for treating younger individuals with BN. To date, there have been four published randomized controlled trials comparing psychosocial treatments, leaving significant room to improve treatment outcomes.

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As a severe psychiatric disorder, bulimia nervosa impacts countless of individuals across the world, including women and men from all ages, backgrounds, races, and genders. Teenagers can be susceptible to developing bulimia nervosa, particularly as eating disorders often arise during times of transition and change, such as puberty. So, we may fight an inclination to make light of signals that something is off.

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Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder in which a person engages in uncontrollable episodes of overeating bingeing usually followed by intentionally vomiting sometimes called purgingmisuse of laxatives, enemas, fasting, or excessive exercise to control weight. Bingeing, in this situation, is defined as eating much larger amounts of food than would normally be consumed within a short period of time usually less than two hours. Eating binges may occur as often as several times a day but are most common in the evening and night hours.

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Our focus on sustainable healing puts teens and young adults on a pathway for success. The incredible success stories from our alumni inspire us every day. See for yourself.

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Our focus on sustainable healing puts teens and young adults on a pathway for success. The incredible success stories from our alumni inspire us every day. See for yourself.

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Teenage bulimia is found to be one of the more common of the teenage eating disorders and causes a significant amount of damage to the body. It can lead to death. This eating disorder also causes emotional and psychological damage to, not only the victim, but to family and friends. Most of the emotional issues for the people who care about the bulimic come from not having recognized the symptoms before it was too late to help.


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