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We can all agree that love and romance go in many different directions. We can all agree that dating and intimate relationships are tricky beasts that will put up a fight before being tamed. And in general, we can all agree that sex is damn fun to talk about.

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Heart disease and stroke mortality rates have almost stopped declining in many high-income countries, including Australia, and are even increasing in some countries, according to new research. One dose of human papillomavirus HPV vaccine has comparable effectiveness to two or three doses for preventing cervical pre-cancer, according to a new study. Scientists have found that the average global temperature in the 20th Century was higher than at any time in the past years and that the current warming period is affecting the whole planet at the same time, for the first time.

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Find a Teacher. Yes, the police "frisk" someone to search for weapons. But "frisk me" is used as a flirty or "naughty" invitation for someone to touch you in a sexual way in sexual body areas.

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Feminist tools exposed sexual harassment by listening to the stories of those affected, by a nuanced understanding of power dynamics, and by recognizing that consent is impossible within certain unequal relationships. Terry v. Ohio is usually taught, analyzed, and judged from the vantage point of the police officer.

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Dennis Cooper's dark, dense novel "Frisk" -- the source material for Todd Verow's film of the same name -- is a hallucinatory first-person narrative, a story that takes place inside the twisted and dangerous imagination of a young man who also is named Dennis. Juxtaposing remarkable beauty with sudden violence, it's a trance-inducing book. But Verow's film is something else entirely.

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In these reveries, described in language that distills a clinical view of the human body into an icy, detached poetry, Dennis imagines himself a serial killer who murders the men he has sex with. His methodical explorations of the tastes, odors, textures and physical structures of his victims' corpses he touts as a kind of ultimate intimacy in which he comes to truly "know" them. Cooper's novel belongs to a transgressive literary tradition that runs from the Marquis de Sade to William S.

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Subject matter may necessitate bypassing an MPAA rating. Protagonist Dennis Michael Gunther is attracted as an L. A move to San Francisco does little to alter his brutal course. He confesses the deeds in a letter to two brothers, former L.

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Stop and frisk has been a hotly debated topic over the past several years. The practice, in which police officers can stop, question, and frisk people based on a reasonable suspicion that a person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime, has been employed in several cities across the country. While this program is understandably controversial and can be seen as unfair, essentially a stop and frisk program can become illegal if it is implemented in a racially-biased manner, but the practice itself is not unconstitutional.

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See details in Oxford Index. More Options. It argues that stops and frisks can be constructed as a form of torture, the effect of which is the assertion of police dominance of the streets. They are not supposed to be punishment, but they feel that way to their victims.


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